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About Churchill Physiotherapy Clinic Inc.

Our clinic offers wide range of services including physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, cupping, osteopathy, and custom made orthotics & braces.


Most physiotherapy sessions will include manual therapy and exercise program, as well as a number of different modalities that will be prescribed depending on your specific condition or pain.

Manual therapy includes massage, stretching and manipulative techniques to improve your range of joint movement and reduce pain. It can also reduce swelling, mobilize muscles, joints and nerves, and promote blood circulation to improve healing. Physiotherapists will feel your injured or swollen tissues during movement analysis to examine how your muscles, tendons and joints are moving and working together and to see whether a muscle is in spasm.

Exercise program is also an important part of physiotherapy. The aim is to increase your mobility, muscle strength, general fitness, build core stability, and reduce your symptoms.


Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy to manage pain, rehabilitate muscles and increase the range of motion. TENS is a form of electrotherapy that uses surface electrodes to stimulate nerve fibres, primarily for pain relief.


Ultrasound can be used therapeutically within the physiotherapy session. Ultrasound is very high frequency sound that cannot be heard by the human ear, but can be detected using a machine called an ultrasound scanner.

It is mainly used for soft tissue injuries and more chronic conditions, with an aim to promote healing and relieve pain.


A pain management program uses a combination of psychological, physical, and practical methods to reduce your pain, physical difficulties and distress, and improve your quality of life.

Physiotherapists can give you advice on moving more easily and avoid muscle wasting and weakness, as well as joint stiffness. This could help you do more and hopefully reduce your pain.

Other methods such as acupuncture, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, relaxation and breathing exercises, and massage may also be of help.

A pain management program would combine several of these therapies with the aim of reducing your pain.


The water temperature provides the optimum temperature for muscle relaxation.

This helps to decrease pain, increase range of movement and increase muscle activity. The aim is to gain flexibility of joints, strengthen muscles and enhance core stability to restore or improve function.


Acupuncture is offered by our naturopathic doctor as well as our physiotherapists.

Acupuncture can be used on its own or in combination with physiotherapy to treat a range of musculo-skeletal conditions. Amongst other things, acupuncture may help to relieve pain.